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Skatool Marine.

We carry out our core business from our 20,000 sqft manufacturing and distribution plant located at Tuas, Singapore.

Skatool Machine are designed by our Managing Director Mr. Ang Teann Meng together with our in-house Research and Development Team. Parts are then subcontracted to different parts of the world namely; UK, Taiwan, Germany, Thailand, China, Japan, Italy, etc. Till today, certain important components are still manufactured in our own factory in Singapore. All our machines are assembled in our Singapore Factory.

Over the years, we have expanded our product range; Deck Descaling Machines, Mucking Winches, Deck Descalers, Hydrojets, Ventilation Fans, Pneumatic and Electric Tools, Hardware, etc.

In Singapore, we ensure that all stringent market requirements for the marine industry are met through our in-house Quality Control Department. This has resulted in the Skatool brand being synonymous with quality, reliability, prompt delivery and customer satisfaction for our personalized service.

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