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Dry Cargo Hatch Sealing tape
Dry Cargo

Hatch Sealing Tapes


Hatch Sealing Tapes


Dry Cargo is self-adhesive and provides excellent strength and flexibility for all-weather operations.

Marine Marketing Services is national agent and distributor of Dry Cargo tape for the India

According to rules and regulations, metal hatch covers on cargo vessels are expected to be water-tight without the aid of further appliances. In practice hatch joints can leak for a number of reasons with resulting cargo damage.

As a safeguard and as an exercise in good housekeeping, many shipowners around the world carry hatch sealing tape on their ships.

Dry Cargo is an internationally recognised and accepted heavy-duty, all-wheather hatch sealing tape with proven results since its introduction in the early 1970s. It consists of 20 metre rolls of bitumen compound coated onto polythene film and interleaved with release paper.

Product data

Temperature range:  
Application: From 5 C to 35 C
Service: From -5 C to 65 C
75mm/3" width 4 x 20 mtr rolls per ctn
100mm/4" width 3 x 20 mtr rolls per ctn
150mm/6" width 2 x 20 mtr rolls per ctn
Carton Spec:  
(All widths) 20 kg 320 x 320 x 320 cms