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Fire Products

Fire Products

Portable Fire Extinguishers
Mobile Fire  Extinguishers
Portable Fire Pump

Trailer Fire Pump

Modular Type

Fire Products


Minimax is one of the oldest brands in the world, for fire extinguishers. Indian operation of Minimax limited merged with Steelage Industries Ltd. in 1971 to form the Minimax division.

Market for fire security products in India, is registering a rapid growth, and this trend is expected to continue for next 5-7 years coupled with increase in awareness levels on fire safety. Fire safety norms in the country are being redefined; this would help in enhancing the opportunities for use of better and more reliable fire safety products.

Apart from the four well-defined business lines globally, in India we promote business line fire products, which is a major contributor to Gunnebo India’s overall business. Fire products division operates in India with Minimax as the Flagship Brand. This division operates through 4 regional offices, 10 branch offices and 60 dealers across the country.

Gunnebo India offers fire products such as portable fire extinguishers, mobile fire extinguisher, portable/ trailer fire pumps, extinguisher refills etc. These include various types of fire extinguisher like dry chemical powder, water co2, mechanical foam, stored pressure, carbon dioxide, halotron 1 and modular type fire extinguishers. Other products include trailer pumps, portable pumps, hose reel drums, delivery hose couplings, branch pipes, gas cartridges, hydrant valves, double headed hydrant valves, fire extinguisher spares & services.

We constantly review our product designs, production processes and quality systems, so as to be able to offer to the customer the most optimum product at the best price.

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Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers range between 0.5 kgs to 10 kgs capacity.  


Mobile Fire Extinguishers

Mobile extinguishers are trolley mounted fire extinguishers.



Portable Fire Pumps

Portable Fire Pumps are manufactured as per IS 942 it has a capacity of 275 LPM at 4 kg/cm2.


Trailer Fire Pumps

Trailer pump is manufactured as per IS 944 it has a capacity of 1800 LPM at 7 kg/cm2.




Modular Type

Modular extinguishers are pendant type ceiling mounted fire extinguishers.



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