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Transocean Marine Coatings

Transocean Coatings, Netherland Combined strength in protection......
This Rotterdam-based alliance has a global stretch, encompassing membership and production facilities around the world. Since 1959 is active in the manufacture and supply of marine- and heavy duty coatings. Transocean has a network of manufacturers, spread over all the continents, producing its range of coatings. Transocean paints are manufactured under controlled conditions and in certified factories in 25 countries. The member's network, Transocean paints is distributed to over 60 countries. This strong and local network enables direct and capable technical service at any time as well as factory fresh products. Transocean offers a wide range of paints to cope with the needs of every operator. Whether it is a new building or a maintenance job, Transocean has systems in place to protect your ship or facility. Examples of such products are the Transocean Cleanship range of tin free self polishing antifoulings and Transpoxy Masterbond, a versatile surface tolerant epoxy which complies to IMO-PSPC standards for Ballast tanks and Crude Oil tanks. At any shore therefore, wherever in the world, you can rely on Transocean. Local service assures quick delivery of factory-fresh products at competitive prices.

Transocean Coatings, India
Member Company Grauer & Weil India Limited is responsible for both production and marketing of the Transocean products in India

Marine Marketing Service is AUTHORIZED DEALER of Transocean Marine Coatings and providing Sales and Application Services.

Available Grades :-

  • Alkyd : Single Coat | Easy to Use | Fast Dry | Gloss Finish | Economical

  • Epoxy: High Performance | Anti Corrosive | Chemical Resistance | High Solid Volume | Ultimate Protection

  • Polyurethane: Aesthetic Look | UV Resistance | Weatherproof | High Gloss

  • Heat Resistance (Alkyd/Epoxy) : Heat Generation up to 180 Deg, 250 Deg , 400 Deg

  • Anti Fouling : Tin & Lead Free | Self Sacrificing | Copper & Silicon Based | Ensures Low Consumption of Fuel & Lubricant (Anti friction )

  • Tie Coat : Binder Between Epoxy Anti Corrosive & Anti Fouling

  • Tank Coatings : Ballast Tank | Fresh Water Tank | Potable Water | Fuel Oil & Crude Oil Tanks

  • Cargo Hold Coatings : Anti Corrosive | Food Grain Grade Certified

  • FRP Boats & Yachts

  • Application for Offshore Oil Rigs & Platform

Transocean Marine Coatings Products