Fire Fighting Equipment

Annual Inspection & Maintenance of Fixed & Portable Fire Fighting System/Equipment
We are Dg Shipping Approved Firm for carrying out Periodical maintenance of Fixed Fire Fighting systems , Portable Fire Fighting Appliances, SCBA-EEBD, . We also take up Inspection & Refilling of Medical Oxygen, Breathing analysis, Foam Sample analysis tests.

Periodical Inspection - Maintenance - Hydro Pressure Test - Refilling & Re Certification of :
Fixed Fire Fighting system ( CO2, FM-200, Halon )
Inspection of Fixed Foam System
Inspection of Fixed DCP Tank System
Inspection of Fixed Galley System
Inspection of Fixed Water Mist System
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Breathing Devices : SCBA & EEBD
Breathing Air Analysis of Onboard Air Compressor
Foam Sample analysis tests
Medical Oxygen Bottles & Resuscitator