Lifeboat Fall Prevention Devices (FPDs)

Many of these accidents were attributed to either lack of maintenance, poor design or inadequate training. Failures of equipment can result in the premature opening of the on-load hook mechanism, causing the lifeboat to fall from the davits unexpectedly. Some designs of the on-load release hooks are designed to be engaged under the lifeboat's weight and often need to be held closed by the operating mechanism. Any defects or faults in the release mechanism or errors caused by the vessel's crew can result in premature release of the hook that holds the lifeboat.

In 2009 the International Maritime Organization held a session (MSC.1/Circ.1327) regarding the guidelines for the fitting and use of Fall Prevention Devices (PFDs) on the lifeboat's release mechanism as a safety measure.

A Lifeboat Fall Prevention Device is an essential marine safety equipment and can be used to minimize the possibility of an injury or fatality by providing a secondary alternate load path in the event of failure of the on-load hook or its release mechanism or of accidental release of the on-load hook.

The LALIZAS Fall Prevention Device is manufactured with top quality materials and it's suitable for most lifeboat types. It complies with the regulations of IMO-MSC 1327 and acquires the approval of Lloyd's Register. Furthermore, it features a premium Maximum Break Level of almost 40 tones and it's highly recommended for use during maintenance tasks and drills.

Technical specifications:

  • Set includes: 2 slings and 4 shackles
  • Max. break load: 39Tons
  • Sling work load: 6.5Tons
  • Diam: 22mm
  • Length: 0.80m or 1.00m
  • Lloyd's Register certification (Lead time for certificate preparation: 5 days)
  • Weight: 12.5kgs / set
  • Material: DYNEEMA / Polyethylene (SK 75)
  • Environmental Test available upon request
Attention: Lifeboat Fall Prevention Device (FPDs) should not be regarded as a substitute for a safe on-load release mechanism and should be fitted to the lifeboat at all times. They must not be used for any other purposes but only for their designed specifications.

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