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ENPAC Corporation : ENPAC is a recognised world leader in high density polyethylene products with over two decades of experience in delivering performance and best value in design engineering and production capacity

GMI ( Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd ) : Designed to meet stringent demands expected by our customers.
Quality, accuracy, durability and value maintain our global reputation:

ULTRA SAFE PRODUCTS : For the last two decades, Ultra Safe Products, India's largest manufacturer of air-operated double diaphragm pumps, has been providing the industry experts with the most reliable pumps on the market. Ultra Safe Pumps are self-priming, can handle viscous and abrasive products and can run dry without damage. Ultra Safe Pumps do not employ costly motors, Variable speed drivers, by-pass plumbing or mechanical seals. Here are some reasons why to buy the Ultra Safe Pumps:

SAFE T MADE : Type Approved Fall prevention Devices


IntimeFire : Intime Fire feels proud to introduce itself as the Specialist in the fire safety providing the fire protection systems in Oil Rigs, Shipping, Aircrafts, Vehicles and Buildings.
We manufacture every Intime Fire unite as if someone’s life or business may depend on its performance. The result is development of equipment that performs better, lasts longerand costs less.

Marine Safety Products : We also offer top quality Marine Safety Products having rates at par with the Marine Industry.


Chhatariya Fireworks : We are one of India’s largest manufacturer exporters of fire Fighting Hoses over the last three decades with the turnover of 100 million employing 200 workers and 52 employees in area of 5000 square meter.

Daniamant : Now together as one Company, Daniamant ApS and Daniamant Ltd are a major force in the Survivor Location Lights business with a World Wide reputation for quality products covering a wide range of products, employing some 75 people.

Skatool Marine : Skatool Machine are designed by our Managing Director Mr. Ang Teann Meng together with our in-house Research and Development Team. Parts are then subcontracted to different parts of the world namely; UK, Taiwan, Germany, Thailand, China, Japan, Italy, etc. Till today, certain important components are still manufactured in our own factory in Singapore. All our machines are assembled in our Singapore Factory.

Pelican : We are dedicated to growing globally by Providing quality products and services that add value to our customers resulting in exceptional returns to our shareholders / stakeholders.

T-ISS : offers safety supplies from quality producers. We are a manufacturer of specialised Solastapes. Besides our main products we also offer supply services to assist owners, shipchandlers in finding the optimal solutions Our work starts with discussions with shipsuppliers, owners and naval architects as well as offshore engineering companies, shipyards, authorities and classification societies.

Dry Cargo is self-adhesive and provides excellent strength and flexibility for all-weather operations.

LALIZAS manufactures and distributes over 10.000 products of marine accessories, safety equipment and miscellaneous items directly related to sea sports & activities. Our various product range includes:

Sigma 2 Type 2’s proven durability, reliability and appeal is confi rmed by an extensive user base who demand a combination of maximum performance and true operational simplicity

Bright Star Lighting Products

In an emergency situation the automatically activation of the EPIRB will dramatically facilitate the rescue operation and the possibility to save lives. The Hammar H20 is the most reliable hydrostatic release unit on the market and is used by most leading EPIRB manufactures.


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