It's well known that most dogs can swim in the water. But there are also some dog breeds, which have trouble when they get in the water and can't swim easily. This is caused due to low body fat which prevents from staying afloat and also regulating the dog's body temperature. Also don't forget that many dogs get tired quickly during swimming, especially if they're old and should they fall over board fear and anxiety may affect their respiration and swimming ability. Every dog owner should be concerned in providing the proper life jacket for their best friend!

Whether you are looking for a large dog life jacket or small dog life jacket, LALIZAS can provide both. These dog life jackets are high-performance dog flotation devices, which provide the best buoyancy and safety too. The bright orange color lets you spot your dog easily and the design allows fast size adjustment and comfortable fit.

Dog life jacket characteristics:

  • Grab handle at the top
  • Bright orange color for easy visibility
  • Quick-release buckles and adjustable straps
  • Available in four size

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